Akihabara feature

Let the journey with the "Akihabara" geek of the Holy Land.

Railway tavern LittleTGV

Railway motif, in your favorite railway tavern, I enjoy the fun menu named after the railway while receiving the service crew who wore the original cute uniforms.

Nikuno-mansei Akihabara head office

Hamburger or steak, grilled meat, shabu-shabu, teppanyaki restaurant where you can taste the Zamazama dishes such as sukiyaki pot.

Trading card shop Sanctuary

All kinds of stocks trading card, also Duel space are available in the store.

Akihabara MOGRA

Nico Nico system, Denpa, game music, such as coterie music, it is possible to enjoy a variety of the Akiba-based music "Anison club event".

pinafore 1 shop

In maid cafe with pink tones was a maid and women Contact But coming easy atmosphere, Letterer omelet cans popular products.

Trader head office

Including sales and purchase of a home game · PC game · Blu-ray · DVD, game shop that has held a variety of events.